Client Testimonials

Akshay Pandit

Sep 1, 2018

I had sold my condo with Bob, and was looking to purchase a larger one a few months later. I didn't realize what a different perspective it would be, and Bob was instrumental throughout the process. It took a long time, and Bob was very patient. We looked at several properties the first couple of months, and I discovered I really didn't know what I wanted. Bob took each viewing personally, reminding me if a condo was "just ok" or too small or overpriced. You almost had the feeling he was purchasing the property for himself! His perspective helped me tailor my "must have" requirements. From that point forward I had confidence in when to make offers. Even then, when the price was too high given the neighborhood and comparables, Bob would step in and give a recommendation to not offer asking price. Our offer and desired location were finally accepted, and Bob's value as an agent was just getting started. Bob worked with the condo association to access documents, and went back and forth when items were missing. He read every document, and pointed out the health of the HOA based on his time as a condo board president. He also noted owner action items that would be needed once we finished closing. When a closing date was decided, Bob went to task on suggesting lenders. He obtained quotes from 8 lenders; one of them was the clear winner, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. I admit I would not have been as thorough. A friend of mine was also closing and was floored at how much better the rate was than his own research. Thanks to Bob we both got a great deal. During closing, Bob managed all the documents and provided a digital copy for easy record keeping. He also provided unexpected care packages for me, helping me make a smooth transition into the home. He provided a fire extinguisher(his standard gift apparently), made copies of keys that were missing, replaced burned out LED lights in the kitchen, and provided new flapper valves for each bathroom toilet. He must have seen the need for those at inspection and was just waiting for the property to turn over before acting on them. That's just the kind of person he is; he really wants to make sure you’re satisfied with your new home, and that he’s provided great service to get you there. I highly recommend Bob Johnson.

Brian Blaschke

Jul 8, 2018

I can't say enough good things about my experience working with Bob on my recent condo purchase. I was stationed on the West Coast and getting ready for an overseas deployment when I found out that I would be transferred to the Washington DC area after just a few months on deployment. I reached out to Bob on the recommendation of a close friend and Bob delivered! My schedule prevented me from visiting the DC Metro Area but Bob gave me the knowledge, insight, and confidence to buy a condo sight unseen. Because of his talent and effort, I was able to move into my own residence immediately after arriving at my new assignment! Bob expertly used pictures and videos to show me potential properties. He was generous with his time and provided me the opportunity to "visit" several properties in real time with him via FaceTime. Once I had selected a property that I liked enough to consider making an offer Bob worked with me to allow one of my close friends to meet him at the property for me to get a second set of eyes on the property in the form of a long time friend. I was grateful for the opportunity to have a close friend see the property and it was especially reassuring when my friend telephoned to tell me how knowledgeable Bob had become on the condominium property and nearby neighborhood. While I was preparing to make an offer Bob did the detailed research for me...he read more than 500 pages of condo association resale package materials and helped me understand items of interest, he provided a list of utility providers, and helped me determine the parking, public transportation, and storage options at the residence. All those little details made my transition so much easier! He even mapped out a timeline for me to ensure a seamless transfer of utilities and other condo specific requirements. Bob went above and beyond when he noted the age of the smoke detectors and recommended the appropriate replacement options to ensure my safety immediately upon occupancy. He closed out the transaction by offering me a Military Rebate at settlement and packaged up all the transaction documents into a single PDF for my review while I was overseas. In summary, Bob was my most trusted agent throughout this entire process. He was knowledgeable, effective, and responsive to my individual needs. Bob will be my first choice for any future realtor needs I may have!

Alexander Sharabaroff

Feb 23, 2018

To say that Bob did an outstanding job is to understate it! He went above and beyond my expectations and indeed set up a standard of excellence. It was my first time selling and here I really understood the value of a real estate agent. On the buyer side, of course it is important to have a diligent agent who can help you appraise and execute the transaction, but when you sell, it's a whole different animal and here the agent can bring a tangible value-added, which Bob absolutely did. He made this whole experience predictable and stress-less. He did an exceptional job preparing the unit for market: arranged for painting and all necessary repairs, which were multiple; supervised and tracked progress himself; dealt with payments and ensured quality of service. He always sought my approval before proceeding and made sure the job was executed with an acceptable quality. He even did some work on the apartment himself - scraped errant paint all through unit; re-hung blinds; ordered blinds parts and fixed blinds; washed floor to ceiling windows; bought tub spout and disposal for contractors to install; ordered and escorted locksmith repairing 2 door locks; ordered and escorted maids and did cleaning himself to maintain it after that. He really saved me tons of time, headaches and money and at the same time, I never had any "surprises" with Bob - everything went as agreed. Bob held an open house - which was successful - I signed a contract on day four. Bob provided invaluable support and demonstrated excellent negotiation skills - I was happy with the full price offer! Closer to the settlement, Bob detected and corrected errors on the draft settlement statement. He kept excellent records and at the end of transaction provided me with a summary of works performed, receipts, etc. Overall, A+. I'll recommend Bob to all my friends who are buying or selling!

John and Mencit Thomas

Jan 28, 2018

We were looking to downsize from a multi-level townhouse to a single-level condo, with specific preferences as to location and size. It had also been years since we bought or sold a house. We needed someone to guide us through the process, look out for our interests, and be our trusted advocate. Bob Johnson was the perfect agent - everything we were looking for and more. He took time to understand our needs, give us honest advice, and stuck with us for as long as it took. As a condo owner himself and past President on two condo boards, he knew exactly what to look for in reviewing HOA documents (which he read thoroughly) and assess the viability of HOA management. Bob’s professionalism and counsel reduced our anxiety. He was impeccably honest and forthcoming, giving us the necessary information to make decisions on our timeframe, and always returning our calls promptly with answers to our questions. His thorough research on comparables enabled us to negotiate a deal quickly to our advantage in a competitive market. He went beyond our expectations. When discovering after the home inspection that one of the blinds did not work, he gave us the funds to purchase a replacement. Following the condo purchase and our move, we trusted him to sell our townhouse and get the best deal possible. He knew exactly what buyers were looking for and how to prepare our house for market, taking the initiative to do small repairs himself to save us time and money (touch up painting, caulking, replace outlet covers), negotiate with and oversee contractors for major repairs on home inspection (electrical & plumbing work, radon remediation), and visiting frequently to keep the house tidy and fresh (cleaning, sweeping, and removing snow from patio). Our house actually sold before listing it on the MLS, and at our full asking price thanks to Bob’s marketing strategy and negotiating skills. When we began our home search we contacted Bob on the recommendation of a neighbor. If you are looking for an honest and capable agent who will shoulder the stress of home buying/selling, go all out for your needs and get you the best deal, Bob Johnson is your guy.

Akshay Pandit

Dec 9, 2017

As a first-time home seller with little knowledge of home repair and staging, I was concerned and overwhelmed with the process. My condo had aged, and I wasn’t sure what needed to be done to ready it for market. Bob performed his own home inspection of the unit and created a plan for repairs. Recommendations came with detailed reasoning and cost, and always required my approval. He oversaw multiple vendors to repaint the unit, replace the hot water heater, service the fire place, and replace the garbage disposal. Bob researched new appliances that added value to the unit without going overboard. He oversaw the purchase and installation of appliances, dealing with bumps in the road such as scheduling Arlington County to inspect the gas line. To save money and time, Bob took care of some repairs himself: fixing a hole in the bathroom door, installing a new towel hook, and ordering warranty parts for the plumber. Bob took care of everything; I didn’t need to visit my unit during the entire process! His efforts created a listing that showed in exceptional condition with reasonable costs. After repairs, Bob provided daily updates on showings, document retrieval, and back and forth with the buyer. It was a level of involvement I had not expected, but greatly appreciated. My condo sold 12 days after listing at 98% of list price. I plan on using him to purchase my next home.

Janice Yun and Eric Blomstedt

Aug 15, 2017

Bob was our landlord and we'd heard good things about him as a realtor, so we trusted him to help find our single family home. We couldn't be more pleased with his dedication, ethics, and thoroughness through every phase of the process. He repeatedly demonstrated he had our best interests at heart, saving us time and money.

Emily Gann and Irena Farlik

Jun 26, 2017

There are simply not enough words to convey how wonderful Bob is! We had to move from California to the D.C. area within a short amount of time for a military relocation. From the moment we first contacted Bob, we were incredibly impressed with his professionalism, resourcefulness, diligence, and commitment to helping us find a great home. Every step along the way, he helped to ensure that our house hunting and buying process was the least of our concerns during what was already going to be a stressful endeavor. He was very quickly able to identify our preferred house style and the part of town that would be most beneficial. When we could not be readily present for the home inspection, he was right there, giving us step-by-step updates regarding the inspector's findings. When it came time to find mortgage and settlement companies, he helped us shop around for some, both of which companies saved us money in the end. As if all of that wasn't enough, he even helped us find some furniture options when we mentioned that we would need more furniture to fill our new home. The man does not rest until he feels his clients are 110% satisfied. We will be using no other realtor for our housing needs from this point forward. He knows his business and is a tireless advocate for his clients. Selecting Bob as your realtor will be the best decision you will ever make.

Jim and Leslie Saenz

Jun 8, 2017

Bob Johnson is the absolute best realtor in northern Virginia. We have used him as our realtor twice now and we remain completely satisfied with all aspects of our home buying experience. Having worked with numerous realtors all around the country, Bob stands head and shoulders above all of them. He took the time to fully understand our desires, needs, and limitations while searching for properties. He recently helped us discover our “forever home” in the right neighborhood, at the right price, and in very quick order. As new construction, Bob negotiated add-ons that completed the home and matched our dreams; something we just couldn’t have done on our own. He also made sure we had top quality and timely home inspectors, including his own, very tough final walk-through inspection that caught several details for the builder to address. Always friendly and always available at a moments notice, Bob is expertly knowledgeable about home construction, the home buying process, and all the surrounding neighborhoods. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with Bob and our experience.

Michelle and Andrés Roch

Mar 27, 2017

Bob is THE realtor you need - especially if you are a first-time home buyer. After conducting an extensive realtor interview process with several different firms, we both knew Bob was the perfect fit. Now having won a seven-offer bidding war on an open-concept, single-family home with a 10 minute walk to the metro, we're even more sure of our decision. He was patient (never once did we feel pressured to consider a home that didn't exceed our expectations), a fantastic resource (he should really teach a first-time home owner course), always available, proactive/thorough (researched energy efficiency of windows, gas line availability, roof replacements costs, and talked to neighbors at multiple properties), and an all around stand-up guy. Since closing, he's continued to surpass our expectations by providing us with a comprehensive list of quality vendors and visiting on move-in day with a welcome present. Even when plumbing issues arose after settlement that were impossible to detect before closing, Bob ensured they were dealt with by the seller in less than 24 hours at no cost to us. We actually miss our weekend outings with him. Not only did we find our dream home, but we also gained a friend in the process!

Nedim Kirimca and Jeanne Morrissey

We highly recommend Bob Johnson for your real estate needs. We asked him to find a home with a large yard in a specific school district. Thanks to Bob's diligent work, we'll enjoy watching our children walk the 150 yards to the school. Throughout the search, buying process, and afterward, he was extremely responsive (within minutes), always accommodated our schedule, and went above and beyond what we expected from an agent including spending several days working neighborhoods and talking to residents to find leads on people that might be looking to sell their home. Bob gave us excellent advice in structuring our bid to maximize the probability of getting the property without overpaying. We only put an offer on one house and we got it thanks to Bob. Bob always had our best interest at heart. Prior to purchasing our home, we considered bidding on a couple of other homes. Bob fully investigated these homes and even though he would have made a very large commission very soon after we started searching, Bob pointed out the reasons why we shouldn't purchase these homes. Bob is also great with kids! Our three-year old and one-year old both quickly took to Bob so he was able to lend a hand when we looked at homes This was very helpful because we didn't have to find a baby sitter every time we wanted to see a home. Our three-year old would regularly ask, "are we going to see Bob today?" Bob had our complete trust and we couldn't be more pleased with his assistance.

Merri Davis

Bob Johnson is an extraordinary real estate professional who exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend Bob to anyone interested in buying real estate from an experienced agent who knows how to find value and goes the extra mile to make sure the property is what it appears to be.  From interviewing potential neighbors to reading every page of the HOA documents Bob was there for me.  There is no other agent I would buy or sell from in Northern VA .   Based on my recommendation Bob found my brother an apartment he is thrilled with and is selling his single family home in the suburbs.  Bob is my family’s realtor and I will continue to recommend him to family and friends. I have purchased a number of homes and in doing so have worked with a variety of different realtors. Bob knows the Northern Virginia Real Estate market and he knows his clientele; his understanding of the right property to fit my needs allowed me to find the perfect home at the right price.  In every aspect of the purchasing process and even after I closed and moved in Bob has been my resource for answers regarding my new home.

Susan Wool

It is with genuine pleasure that I recommend Bob Johnson for realtor services in Northern Virginia.  Bob is the perfect embodiment of what you seek in a realtor – professional, knowledgeable and informed, coupled with the aspects you admire in a good friend – concerned, caring and supportive of what you need and want in your purchase/sale.  He helped me understand everything I needed to know to sell my house, and assisted with all the areas I needed to get done before closing.  As we all know, this experience can be and usually is stressful, but Bob has the right demeanor to help you stay calm throughout the process.   I wish I could take him across state lines to help me with my new house purchase, since he’s the best realtor I have ever worked with. 

Kim Novozhilov

May 8, 2016

Bob did an extraordinary job helping us sell our property. Thanks to his extensive networks in the real estate sector, we found a buyer almost immediately after our property went on the market. He was resourceful and went above and beyond his call of duty to help us with the preparations and paperwork to close the transaction. Finally, he was professional, always responsive and has a pleasant disposition.

Ross Carver

Bob Johnson was professional, prompt, and helpful during the combination purchase and sale of two properties. His advice and knowledge of the local market meant we succeeded in transitioning from one property to the other without delay or dual mortgage payments for months and months. Aside from this, Bob is a great guy. – I feel he genuinely was concerned about all aspects of our transaction from the closing down to the small details – such as taking care of our cats while the unit was listed and we were out of town, or offering to fix minor things on the property to improve the presentation or even assisting in returning old paint to hazardous materials disposal.  Trust me – you just don’t get this level of involvement from just any realtor.  Thanks Bob!